Visio Alternative Flowchart Maker

Visio Alternative FlowChart Software

Free Flowchart Excel Template - Completely Automated

We created this simple yet powerful visio alternative so that you can create Professional Flowcharts in Excel

If you’re introducing a new process, or documenting an existing one, then you can download this free flowchart template to create flowcharts.

FlowChart Excel

How to Create a FlowChart in Excel

Here are the steps to create a flowchart in Excel.

  1. Click on the Add FlowChart button. This will add a new flowchart worksheet.

    Add FlowChart button

  2. Click on any shape button in the FlowChart Excel Menu.

    flowchart shapes menu

    A new shape will be created with a red anchor point.




  3. Click on the shape to open the red anchor point to add connected shapes.
    This will bring up a + icon on all sides of the shape. 

    shape add automatically

    Select any icon to add a connected shape.

    Flow Shape Detail Form

    Flowchart Excel will automatically create the selected shape and connect the two shapes.

    connected shapes

  4. And that’s it, you can add as many shapes as you want and create a professional flowchart.
    Since the template is designed in Excel you can change the format of the shapes and colors as well.