Set Workdays & Holidays

It is important to set Non-working days and holidays as they aren’t included in duration calculations. Task Excel automatically calculates end dates for tasks based on resource holidays/ workdays.

You can set Holidays & Workdays in Task Excel in the Resource Form.

  1. Click on the Resources button in the Task menu to open the Resource Form.

    Resource Button

  2. The Resource form will open up.
    Resource Form with Work Hours
  3. By default Task Excel will use the ‘Organization’ workdays and holidays to calculate end dates.
  4. You can also set workdays and holidays for each resource that you add to the Resource List.


All tasks will use the selected workdays to calculate end dates.

  1. You can select the Resource from the Resource List and select the workdays.
  2. Click on the Save button once you’ve selected the workdays.
Gantt Workdays


Add Holidays

You can select the Resource from the Resource List and then add Holidays. All tasks will then use the holidays to calculate end dates.

  1. To add a holiday first select a Resource.
  2. Click on the D button next to the Start Date and then select the Start Date of the Holiday.
  3. The End Date will automatically be set to the Start Date of the Holiday.
  4. Type the holiday name in the Holiday Name field.
  5. Click on the Add Holiday button
  6. The holiday will be added to the Holiday List.
  7. You can select a different End Date compared to the start date to add a range of holidays for eg. Christmas Holidays from 23rd December to 28th December.
  8. Check the +Organization Holidays checkbox to include the Organization’s holidays in the date calculations.
  9. Click on the Save button once you’ve added all holidays.

Import Holidays

You can click on the Import Holidays button to import a list of holidays from another excel file.
Please ensure that the Holiday Dates are in Column A and Holiday Names are in Column B (without any headers)

Delete Holidays

Select the holiday and then click the Delete Holiday button to delete the holiday.

Clear Holiday List

Click on the Clear Holiday List button and that will clear all the holidays from the Holiday List.