Free WBS Creator Excel Template

Free WBS Creator Excel Template

Create WBS - Work Breakdown Structure Charts in Excel

Create professional WBS charts using this free automated WBS Creator Excel Template.

Use WBS Charts to brainstorm projects by breaking them down into manageable tasks. This visual way of creating projects using a Top-Down approach makes for more comprehensive project plans.

Our WBS maker is great for project planning sessions and is perfect for presenting your project to your team and your clients.

WBS Creator is a an excel template and it instantly reads any project plan in Excel and creates a beautiful WBS Chart.

WBS Work Break Structure Example

You can download this WBS Creator template by clicking on the button below and use it as many times as you want.

Create Work Breakdown Structure Charts effortlessly

How to Create a Work Breakdown Structure WBS Chart in Excel

  1. Download and Open WBS Creator.
    The WBS Creator Menu will load in the excel ribbon.

  2. Click on the Task Structure button in the WBS Creator Menu.

  3. This will create sample tasks for you. You can edit, delete and add new tasks. You can also change the fill color and task colors for the WBS shapes.

    WBS Task Structure

  4. Click on the Set Child/ Set Parent to set parent and child tasks.

  5. Click on the Create WBS button. 

    WBS Maker

    The WBS chart will be created in milliseconds.

    And that’s how easy it is to create WBS charts in Excel.

  6. For Gantt Excel users -You don’t have to create tasks again in the WBS Creator. Just create any Gantt Chart in Gantt Excel. Here is an example of a construction Gantt Chart that I created in Gantt Excel.

    Gantt Chart Excel

  7. Open WBS Creator template file and click the Import from Gantt Excel button.

  8. Select the Gantt Chart and click the ‘Create WBS Chart’ button.

    Select Gantt Chart

  9. And almost instantly, WBS Creator creates a professional looking WBS Chart in literally milliseconds.

  10. You can even click on the task names to open up the Task Detail form.

    WBS Task Detail

What is a Work Breakdown Structure?

A WBS is a tool to manage your project and tasks from a delivery point of view. Proper project planning is crucial to setting clear expectations in order to complete your project on time and on budget. An organized work breakdown structure can break down your large projects into more manageable sub tasks, allowing you and your team to focus on key deliverables and milestones.

How it is structured

The WBS schedule starts with the Project Name and the main tasks.

WBS Project with Main Tasks

Next we list all the sub tasks or child tasks under the main parent tasks.

Also list the list of sub-sub-tasks which will eventually help us complete the Main task.

It’s this simple.

9 thoughts on “Free WBS Creator Excel Template”

    • Sorry for the late reply. Currently we have integrated it with Gantt Excel. We will be adding a connection interface to read MS Project plans soon.

  1. Hi, I have downloaded the WBS creator, but I have two questions.
    Do you have a password to modify the code?
    Does the software have a limitation in number files that you can add to make a WBS?
    Thank you in advance.

    • Hey Martin, the code is protected. WBS Creator is completely free and you can create as many WBS charts in one excel file or use multiple WBS creator excel files for all your projects.

  2. Dear WBS Creator,

    Thank you for very useful information!
    I tried to get the template, but it did not appear.

    If possible, I would like to get it!
    Thank you!


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